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This offering is based on whole system approach. We engage all the stakeholders of the institution or university for conversations based on possibilities and not on the constraints. This program has two components:
1. Appreciative Inquiry
2. Structured Inputs from Experts
Institution Building Program
Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is based on the tenet that institution building is not the bundle of problems to be solved but a miracle to be embraced and cherished. AI by its very nature is application oriented, collaborative and provocative method of organization development.

This offering completes in Five stages:

1. DISCOVER The identification of institutional gifts, talents and processes that work well.
2. DREAM The envisioning of how the institution of our shared dream will function.
3. Structured Inputs and Expert Talks on the topics identified during earlier phases. The most common session are on coaching and mentoring students, instruction design for the courses, balancing academic and administrative responsibilities, managing self and team, using technology for education etc.
4. DESIGN Collaboratively identifying the systems and processes which will help to realize the dream
5. DESTINY  (or DELIVER): The implementation (execution) of the proposed design Institution Building Program can be useful for the institutions and universities operating at different stage of their life cycle.
Institutional Challenge/Question Our Approach Expected Outcome
You are well known and established institution and now intend to make quantum jump to different aspects of institutional life. Reconnecting the institutional members through their talents and gifts, unleashing the shared dream and building a shared pathway to realize the dream Larger institutional level plan and clear individual and team accountability for Institutional rejuvenation
You are relatively new institution or university and have a clear vision, however not sure how to achieve that Building collaborative work culture through shared sense of responsibility, providing exposure of best practices, getting the team to see the possibilities in the different aspects of institution building Collectively carved out short term and long term projects for institution building with clear accountability and learning requirements
You are the institution with clear agenda and goals but need to build faculty strength to carry forward the agenda Converting faculty body as a learning community and competence enhancement in specific areas like teaching, research and educational administration Self efficacy of institutional members to carry out the development plan of the institution