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Towards Sustainability and Competitiveness through Eco Innovation

Environment Sustainable Development

The scale of environment problems, coupled with social inequalities and competitiveness challenges within global economy, have raised increased awareness of the need to change and renew existing technological production and social behaviour pattern. At best, such awareness may produce innovative responses that gradually move society along a more sustainable path .

Human Dimension of Environment Management (EM)
Individual level
Collective level /community level
National /international level
Planning Dimension of Environment Management (EM)
New Generation Planner
Collective Vision/Community Vision
Commercial Vision
Business perspective favourable to green concept

Decision making Dimension

Lesson from the past
Raising basic knowledge on environment protection
Major global environmental Issues
Criteria for giving priorities to environmental problems
Focusing on cost effective and environmental effective measure
Management Dimension
Management at different level in the institution
Management within the organization and outside the organization
Managing environment crises
Operational priorities of managing Environment
Practical approach for environment management
Exercising Control
Awareness training
Eco-Innovation in practice
Case studies