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Educational Leadership Development Program (ELDP) Educational leadership is the process of engaging, inspiring, guiding and
channelizing the talents and energies of teachers, pupils and external stakeholders and partners toward achieving common educational goals.
The Education Leadership Development Process (ELDP) equips institutions with a pipeline of highly engaged and inspired educators from within the existing talent-pool who can add value through teaching, consulting and research. It is a holistic perspective that looks at the Leadership Development process through the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry.
Advantages of ELDP  
Creates a pool of leaders from within the faculty pool that helps the institution to grow and evolve
It is a long-term intervention that not only equips participants to be more effective educator for also prepares them to view their role as institution buildier
Enables educational leaders to engage with students as well as external stake holders like community and industry
Helps leaders to align their personal goals to long-term institutional goals and therefore become invaluable assets to the institution